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Scheduler Services.

Scheduling for your business has never been easier.
Take appointments online 24x7 without worrying about the security of your appointment information.

Web-based solution to your daily scheduling needs!

Nothing to download and nothing to backup. As a purely web-based application, Scheduler Services provide you with the highest quality without the need to download or upgrade your software. We are also mobile-device friendly. Your clients can use their mobile devices to set appointments. You, as a provider can check on your appointments while on the go. No more paper printouts or searching for something to write an appointmnet on.

Your own unique website address!

Now you can have a unique website address that allows your customers to know that they are going to the right place. For example:
tucsonbdg.schedulerservices.com is the address for the
Tucson Business Development Group. This is easy for your customers to remember and for you to give out. Better yet? Just include the link on your website so your clients can just "click" to set their next appointment.

Both Central (In-House) Scheduling and Front Desk functions!

Where you have appointments that should only be set by your In-House schedulers, that functions exists. How about having a function for the front desk staff? We have that too. The front desk also has the ability to view appointments, comments, attachments, and to mark the appointment as Show/No Show. Also, the front desk can print the day's schedule.

Clients or Third Parties can set their own or their client's appointments!

Making it easier for either clients to directly set applointments with you, or even when you have a referred client, those referrers (third parties) can also set up applointments for their clients. Gone are the days where every appointment must go through your in-house scheduling.

Email Reminders to reduce No-Shows!

Not only are your clients given notice that they have an appointment when it is set, but they are reminded the day before their scheduled appointment to help reduce no-shows without tying up your staff by making reminder calls.

Want to further reduce no-shows?

Two hours before the client's scheduled appointment, the system will notify your client of their appointment via text messaging (SMS), if your client can accept text messages on their cell phone. (configured/confirmed at appointment setting time)

Keep accurate and up-to-date Database information on your clients as they make new appointments!

Your clients can allways be reached for further campaigns or other reasons. Each time an appointment is set, client information can be updated. This helps to keep your database up-to-date, without costing any additional time or effort on your staff's part.